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Issue #20

Plug the Energy Drains
Laurie Weiss, Ph.D.

“I don’t take clients I don’t want, anymore.“ explained Katy Kurtz,  when I asked  why she thought her professional life was finally “going so well.” Katy, a family law attorney,  had recently been over stressed by managing several very difficult cases. In each of those cases, the client had been both unrealistic about expectations, ungrateful to Katy for her hard work, and reluctant to pay her bill.

As Katy had was assessing whether she wanted to continue in practice after more than twenty years, she described the kind of clients she enjoyed serving. “I like people who listen when I tell them what I believe is possible to achieve in their cases and who keep their agreements to provide materials and information I need—people who take responsibility for themselves. I also like getting paid.”

Katy admitted that she had often accepted clients whom she felt had been treated unfairly, and needed the kind of representation she could provide, even when they did not meet her criteria. Often, in her desire to help them, she ignored warning signals that the client could not or would not cooperate in achieving a successful outcome.

It did not take her long to develop her own early warning system. She has developed an ethical and respectful system to enable her to still be helpful to clients she does not want to accept.

In one case she saw all the warning signs: two previous lawyers, a necessary custody evaluation, the potential client who lived out of state and could not afford to travel, and who was a victim of a spiteful ex-husband. Katy decided that she would be willing to take the case only if she was paid fairly for her work. She quoted a realistic,  but fairly large sum to take the case, and the client said “no, thank you.”

To turn down another similar case, she told the potential client, truthfully, “This is a very complicated and time consuming case. I only handle one case like this at a time, and I have one now. I would be happy to refer you to another attorney.” She made the referral, and the potential client called back to thank her for her help.

Katy happily reported that she has more energy, is now enjoying the clients she does have, is working fewer hours, and still running a profitable practice.

Coaching Tip: It is often possible to increase energy and happiness by eliminating an energy drain.

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